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sing, sing your creation song, sing true, sing your dreaming



The Best Massage Sequence you will ever have

​Kodo is a rhythmical full body massage which has been inspired by healing techniques and essences from Aboriginal community Elders who have given Larn’wa permission to use this knowledge with respect and care. Our unique protocol utilises specific pressure points, together with grounding spiralling movements that clear, energise and rebalance. Kodo tones and realigns your energy system and enhances your feeling of wellness and balance in body, mind and soul. ​Larn’wa Kodo Massage includes proven and well recognised techniques such as lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, relaxation and pressure point therapy combined with uniquely time honoured Earth medicine knowledge and teachings. ​Kodo is a complete massage therapy which is integrated perfectly with exclusively blended Australian Botanicals offering the optimum medium for enhanced well being.   


Key Elements: Massage. Duration: 60 | 90 minutes​*melody

Abundant Health From Nature

Complete Head to Toe Treatment Journey

 ​Rejuvenating treatment that includes an indulgent facial, deeply relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage with carefully chosen Australian botanicals, essences and oils.​ Potent Reflex Zone and Pressure Point therapy is applied to your head, hands and feet which are soothing, restorative, rebalancing and revitalising. The combination of plant actives, essences and essential oils from our bountiful Larn’wa Australian Botanical collection within these techniques create optimum skin and body care.​ 


Key Elements: Facial | Head Neck and Shoulder Massage | Hands & Feet.

MHS feet bathing


Facial Sequence

Surrender to Larn’wa’s deeply cleansing and refining facial treatment which incorporates proven massage and refining techniques, infuses your skin with antioxidants, plant proteins, fruit acids and collagens from our delicate botanical blends to create optimum skin health and vitality. Your Larn’wa Facial includes the options of a hand and/or foot massage and a thorough and detailed head and facial lymphatic massage. Nurong is the ultimate in pampering and utilises active pressure point therapy, lymphatic massage sequencing on all areas of your head, face, hands and feet together with our premium essences, oils and botanicals.​ 


Key Elements: Facial | Hand or Foot Massage.

Song of earth and water.

A complete pampering experience.

Full body oil and salt exfoliation, followed with a warm mud of your choice, you are then cocooned in warm towels.

While your chosen mud works it's magic you will be treated with a deep head neck and shoulder massage including pressure point therapy.

Following a cleansing shower your unique mud wrap treatment is completed with our dedicated Larn'wa Kodo Massage.

Key Elements: Body Exfoliation | Mud Cocoon | Scalp Treatment and Pressure Point Massage | Full Body Massage.


Deep Peace

Hot Australian Crystalline Stone Massage



Our Warumbul Hot Stone Therapy combines Larn'wa Crystalline Stones with our highly regarded Kodo Massage bringing a deep heat throughout your body to help relax, release stress, tension and muscular tightness.


Warumbul is excellent for increasing circulation and warmth, perfect during cold weather,  times of rehabilitation or as a regular part of your wellness regime.


A must have luxury for health maintenance during our winter months.

Key Elements: Hot Stone Oil Massage

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