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Whole Hemp Plant  has been and is used as a part of skin care, wellness, preventative health rituals, and as a food, tonic and herbal infusion, throughout  cultures worldwide .


Uniquely blended with powerful skin conditioning and healing Native Botanicals, the Larn’wa Whole Plant Hemp Infusion*  is of the highest quality and efficacy.


Whole Hemp Plant is abundant in Phyto and endo-cannabinoid actives, Cannflavins, Polyphenols, Antioxidants and Turpenes with a nutrient-rich profile that includes Vitamins A, B, C, D and E and does not contain any mood-altering compounds.


 Whole Hemp Plant is a true miracle of nature, when it is gently infused into a natural health enhancing oil, your skin can take advantage of all of the Whole Plant Hemp’s profound benefits.


The only part of the Hemp Plant that is removed before infusion is the seed, along with the roots, whilst hemp seeds* are nutritious, they do not feature the Phtyocannabinoids so trusted for healthy skin and wellbeing.


The carefully selected Larn’wa Whole Plant Hemp flowers and plant are infused into one of Australia’s most superior and efficacious olive oils, renowned for its ability to keep our skin supple, hydrated, protected and calm,


This precious Larn’wa hemp Infusion is blended into all of Larn’wa skin and body care leave on products, our body’s endocannabioid system is active throughout our whole body, with cannabinoids being beneficial in every aspect our vitality, health, and beauty.


 Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it loves to drink in the benefits of nature. 


Cannabinoids help the beneficial actives within all Larn’wa specialist ingredients to enliven not only a more youthful complexion but enhance your overall wellbeing.


Larn’wa Whole Plant Hemp infusion is sourced direct from Bundjalung country specialist small family hemp growers, who are globally acknowledged for their generational expertise in natural plant genetics selective refinement, to ensure maximum potential compound efficacy as nature intended.


Both the Hemp Plants and Olives  are grown chemical free in organic regeneratively-farmed soils and are ethically cold-infused and pressed to retain nutrient integrity.


With active compounds at a minimum 10,000ppm efficacy, the Larn’wa Hemp Infusion delivers the highest concentration of hemp plant and hemp flower compounds in this form available.


*safe for those with seed allergies

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